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Nankang SP-9

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Available Sizes


  • Section Width: 205

  • Aspect Ratio: 60

  • Rim Diameter: 14

  • Load Index: 88

  • Speed Index: H

  • Runflat: No

  • Load Range:

Tyre Details


Key Features

  • New arrival

  • Non-directional performance

  • Quiet comfortable ride

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Size Range

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Size Load/Speed Runflat Load Range Vehicle Code Technology
155/80R12 77T
165/70R12 77T
155/65R13 73S
155/80R13 79T
165/65R13 77H
175/60R13 77H
175/70R13 86H XL
185/60R13 80H
185/70R13 86H
205/60R13 86H
155/55R14 73V XL
155/65R14 75V
165/55R14 72H
165/65R14 79H
165/70R14 81H
175/65R14 82H
175/70R14 88H XL
185/60R14 82H
185/65R14 86H
185/70R14 88H
195/60R14 86H
195/65R14 89H
195/70R14 91H
205/60R14 88H
215/70R14 96S
225/70R14 99T
135R15 73T
155/60R15 74V
165/50R15 72V
165/80R15 87T
175/50R15 75H
175/65R15 88H XL
175/80R15 90S
185/45R15 75V
185/55R15 82V
185/60R15 88H XL
185/65R15 88H
195/50R15 82H
195/55R15 85V
195/60R15 88H
195/65R15 91H
195/70R15 92H
205/50R15 86V
205/55R15 88V
205/60R15 91H
205/65R15 95H
205/70R15 96H
215/60R15 94H
215/65R15 96H
215/70R15 98H
225/60R15 96V
225/70R15 104T XL
235/60R15 98S
235/60R15 98S
235/75R15 109H XL
265/50R15 99S
265/70R15 112H
295/50R15 108H
165/45R16 74V XL
175/60R16 82H
195/45R16 84V XL
195/50R16 88V XL
195/55R16 87V
195/65R16 92H
205/40R16 83V XL
205/55R16 91H
205/60R16 96V XL
205/65R16 95H
205/70R16 97H
215/45R16 90V XL
215/60R16 99V XL
215/65R16 102V XL
215/70R16 100H
225/45ZR16 89W
225/50R16 92V
225/60R16 98V
225/65R16 100H
225/70R16 103H
235/60R16 100V
235/65R16 107V XL
235/70R16 106H
245/70R16 111H XL
255/65R16 109H
255/70R16 111H
265/70R16 112H
275/70R16 114H
195/60R17 90H
205/50R17 93V XL
215/50R17 95V XL
215/55R17 98V XL
215/60R17 96H
215/65R17 99V
225/50R17 98V XL
225/55R17 101V XL
225/60R17 99V
225/65R17 102V
235/55R17 103V XL
235/60R17 102V
235/65R17 108V XL
245/65R17 111H XL
245/70R17 110H
255/60R17 110V XL
265/65R17 112H
265/70R17 115H
275/55R17 109V
285/65R17 116V
215/50ZR18 92W
215/55R18 99V XL
225/50R18 95V
225/50ZR18 95W
225/55R18 98V
225/60R18 104V XL
235/50R18 101V XL
235/55R18 104V XL
235/60R18 107V XL
235/65R18 106V
245/60R18 105V
255/55R18 109V XL
255/60R18 112V XL
255/65R18 111H
255/70R18 113H
265/60R18 110H
265/65R18 114H
265/70R18 116V
275/60R18 113H
275/65R18 116H
285/60R18 116H
205/55R19 97V XL
225/55ZR19 99Y
235/50ZR19 103W XL
235/55ZR19 105W XL
245/50ZR19 105W XL
245/55R19 107H XL
255/45ZR19 104W XL
255/50R19 107V XL
255/50ZR19 107Y XL
255/55R19 111V XL
255/60R19 109V
265/50ZR19 110Y XL
265/55ZR19 113Y XL
275/55R19 111V
285/45ZR19 111Y XL
235/40ZR20 96Y XL
235/55R20 105V XL
245/50R20 102V
255/45ZR20 105W XL
255/50ZR20 109Y XL
255/55ZR20 110Y XL
265/45ZR20 108Y XL
265/50R20 111V XL
265/55R20 113V XL
275/40R20 106V XL
275/45R20 110V XL
275/50ZR20 113W XL
275/55R20 113H
275/60R20 115H
285/40ZR20 108Y XL
285/45ZR20 112Y XL
285/50R20 116V XL
295/40ZR20 110Y XL
255/45ZR21 105W XL
265/40ZR21 105Y XL
265/45R21 104V
275/40ZR21 107Y XL
275/45ZR21 110Y XL
275/50ZR21 113W XL
285/40ZR21 109Y XL
285/45ZR21 113Y XL
295/35ZR21 107W XL
295/40ZR21 111W XL
315/35ZR21 111Y XL
315/40ZR21 111Y
265/40ZR22 106Y XL
275/40ZR22 108Y XL
285/40ZR22 110Y XL
285/45R22 114V XL