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TPMS Servicing

The very best way to get the most out of your tyres is by monitoring and maintaining correct air pressures. Having the right air pressure in your tyres is essential for vehicle safety and handling.

As such, many new vehicles are coming from the factory fitted with tyre pressure monitoring systems, referred to as TPMS.

These systems work by having a sensor inside the tyre that constantly feeds back to the inside of the vehicle and will often provide a light on the dashboard if the system detects air pressure has changed.

TPMS sensors are sensitive, calibrated instruments that can easily be damaged while removing tyres, batteries inside sensors can go flat, or the most common issue is sensors are physically damaged by a pothole or curb. In these instances, replacing the damaged sensor with a genuine factory item can be prohibitively expensive.

Jandakot Tyrepower have specialist tools to diagnose and replace faulty TMPS sensors with high quality aftermarket units.

Using our tools we are able to provide reasonably priced sensors and integrate them seamlessly with your existing factory system.

If you’re experiencing a TPMS fault code, flashing light on your dashboard, looking to purchase aftermarket wheels or have suffered damage to a sensor, come see the experts at Jandakot Tyrepower or visit our store at 34/87 Armadale Road, Jandakot today.

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For more information about TPMS Servicing at Jandakot Tyrepower, call us directly on (08) 9414 9191 or use the form to send us a message.

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